April 01, 2002   XR1 selected as presenter at 3rd Annual Alabama I/T Investors Forum to be held on April 25th
March 15, 2002   XR1 announces Q1 2002 profitability and positive cash flow for the 3rd straight quarter, on quarterly revenues of $298,706.
March 01, 2002   Americans for Peace Now select LiveOnTheNet to re-broadcast conference calls on crisis in the Middle East
March 01, 2002   Over 200 small businesses in Nashville, Birmingham, Atlanta and Austin, TX engaged in Fishbowl Rewards rollout
January 15, 2002   XR1 announces Q4 and FY 2001 profitability and positive cash flow on quarterly revenues of $340,467, and annual revenues of $837,290.
October 15, 2001   XR1 announces Q3 2001 profitability and positive cash flow on quarterly revenues of $365,439
October 01, 2001   Fishbowl Rewards, next generation of online marketing tools for small businesses, is released.
July 01, 2001   LiveOnTheNet moves to new corporate identity, XR1 -- focusing on small businesses
June 01, 2001   Valucoupons.com, coupon-clipping companion site to Cornerpost, is released
May 01, 2001   Strategic Partnership Announced with Huntsville-based Clip-A-Coupon
March 01, 2001   LiveOnTheNet and Cornerpost successfully spun out from Divine, Inc. in management-led buyout
December 01, 2000   Digitrends names Cornerpost as one of Top Five advertising entities on the Web
November 01, 2000   Robertson Stephens publication values potential LOTN IPO at $360 million
May 01, 2000   Sho Research publication highlights LiveOnTheNet's unique focus on local content
January 15, 2000   Banner year for Cornerpost as revenues tops $4 million
December 01, 1999   Internet incubator Divine Interventures purchases 75% interest in LiveOnTheNet for $15 million
January 15, 1999   Cornerpost revenue tops $3 million in 1998
October 01, 1998   Cornerpost announces new sales top 1,000 small businesses per day
May 01, 1998   National sales campaign launched for Cornerpost
March 01, 1998   Innovative marketing package for small businesses, Cornerpost Version 1.0 is released into sales channels
March 01, 1998   US Senator Fred Thompson (R-TN) goes online with LiveOnTheNet
February 01, 1998   Alabama Legislature selects LiveOnTheNet to place Code of Alabama online for citizens
January 01, 1998   LiveOnTheNet announces alliance with telecommunications reseller network, Lex-Net, to sell newly developed product for small businesses
August 01, 1997   LiveOnTheNet unveils ground-breaking Alabama Bureau of Tourism website featuring over 300 state attractions
August 01, 1997   George Wallace is live with LiveOnTheNet to discuss new movie on his life and career
September 01, 1996   Democratic National Convention generates over 200 hours of live, online video in five days, hailed as landmark event by tech executives
August 01, 1996   LiveOnTheNet is selected to produce the online gavel-to-gavel presentation of the 1996 Democratic National Convention from Chicago