For a small fee, XR1 offers its small business clients a variety of multimedia services, including the provision of audio or video clips on their Cornerpost sites. Typically, small businesses send XR1 videotapes for encoding and distribution on their sites, but other clients use an innovative feature whereby they can call a toll-free 800 number and provide audio clips in real-time.

In addition, XR1 makes available a broad range of cutting-edge products and services supported by its parent company, Divine, Inc. These services include Powerpoint slide presentations and audio/video clips integrated into web-based seminars, called “Webinars”. Another technology of interest to small businesses is the “Showbot” -- self-contained production units that allow the remote production (control of audio and multiple video cameras, panning, zooming, development of promotional context, etc.) of Web-based multimedia events for very low prices.

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