LiveOnTheNet focuses on using Internet technologies to meet consumers' and businesses' exploding demand for digital services and media..

Senior Management

Roger Schneider
Director and CEO
Jeff Miller
Executive Vice President and COO
Scott Williams
Executive Vice President and CMO

Corporate History (LOTN) was founded in 1984 in Huntsville, AL, and was a regional leader in the sale of PCs and Local Area Networks. In the early 1990s, working with federal technology agencies based in Huntsville, the Company began pioneering the Internet prior to its commercialization. In 1994, we became a commercial ISP offering dial-up access and Web hosting.

Reacting to the hot Internet IPO market, in 1996, the Company sold 75% of its equity to Thermo Electron (TMO), an internationally recognized tech incubator who had successfully taken 23 subsidiaries public. The investment was made at a $2 million valuation with a contractual target set for a TMO-led IPO within three years.

In 1999, Thermo sold its 75% share of the Company to Divine Interventures (DVIN) for $15 million, yielding a valuation of $20 million within three years after its initial purchase.

By 1999, LOTN had established itself as a leader in the production and distribution of live, streaming media “webcasts”. The Company had produced the first live webcast from Carnegie Hall, for Sir Paul McCartney, as well as the first webcast from the Grand Ol’ Opry in Nashville. In addition, LOTN produced the webcast from the 1996 Democratic National Convention, which Eric Schmidt, then CTO of Sun, called the event the “largest aggregation of real time content in Web history”.

Perhaps more importantly, LOTN had developed a successful revenue model providing Web services to small businesses. These services included providing targeted advertising on the Company’s multimedia events as well as other proprietary technologies designed to maximize local web exposure.

In May 2001, the management team of LOTN negotiated their purchase of a majority of LOTN’s common stock and control of the Company.

During 2002-03, LOTN continued its expansion in its core areas producing thousands of live Internet broadcasts that included professional and college sports as well as music.

In 2004, LOTN launched its new LiveSupport (LS) product providing 24/7 technical support to consumers throughout the US.  A highly successful venture, LS continues to grow and remains profitable.

In 2005, LOTN continues to develop new and timely Internet products that fill the emerging needs of the entertainment industry, small business, and consumers.  Revenue growth continues at double-digit rates.